TESA MICRO-HITE digital height gauge including control panel – Item No. 445285


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Software / measurement functions

  • Comprehensive measurement capabilities such as parallelism, angular measurements, simple 2D measurements, etc..
  • Integral computer.
  • Automatic calculation of the measurement results by stored functions when the programme is repeated.
  • Input facility for customer-specific tolerances. ISO tolerances are automatically incorporated in the software. Direct and clear information to the user regarding OK/reject.

TESA MICRO-HITE manually adjustable digital height gauge for comprehensive measurements in 1D or 2D coordinate measuring systems. 

  • Incrementally graduated glass scale with reference point. Patented opto-µ reading system.
  • Automatic correction of systematic measurement variations ensures very high accuracy. Coefficient of linear expansion equals that of steel.
  • Switchable air support cushion.
  • User-friendly application by multi-lingual context help in the active functions.

  • Saves time and simplifies processes for serial measurements.
  • Optional data management using Stat-Express or Data-Direct measurement software. Data can be archived to a USB stick.

Hybrid control panel

  • Backlit keyboard with clear simplified presentation and clear information.
  • Convenient and flexible operation with parallel use of the keyboard and touch display.
  • Ergonomic posture due to flexible adjustment of the control panel.


Significantly faster measurement of the return points (min, max, ⌀) by use of the patented Quick-Center technology. All measurements shown visually for information in noisy environments.


Thanks to the sturdy construction, suitable for workshop use as well as for laboratory applications. Ideal for series measurements.

Supplied with:

TESA MICRO-HITE base unit incl. control panel, standard contact point carrier, standard contact point with contact rod and 5 mm ⌀ measurement ball, reference piece, electric pump (fitted) for air pad for the gauge base, battery cartridge (rechargeable Lithium-ion battery), mains adaptor (charger), mains cable. SCS calibration certificate.

Optional extras:

USB printer No. 445293; printer paper No. 445294, data cable No. 498918 size USB; Data-Direct software No. 498925, Stat-Express software No. 498926, radio remote control TESA BLE No. 498921 BT. Dust cover. Comprehensive optional accessories (such as for measuring squareness) available on request.


German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1174_GB.