Solid carbide micro slot drill – Item No. 209700


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With crystalline diamond sp3 coating. For the highest demands regarding performance and precision in fibre-reinforced composites, CRP, GRP, and graphite. Extremely tight tolerances ensure maximum accuracy. Double relief ground with 2 hollow-ground chamfers. Recess angle α = 16°.

  • Neck ⌀: D4 = 0 / −0.01 mm.


At greater tool overhang lengths, use a reduced value for ap!
Values for:
slots milled from solid: ap = 0.1×D×ap korr
side milling: ap = 0.2×D×ap korr
To calculate the feed rate vf please use the actual speed of the machine (the maximum possible speed)!
e.g: vf = 18000 [rpm]× fz [mm/Z]× z